Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fed By The Hand That Bites Them

Captain Ed notes an article in the National Review Online exposing the fact that terrorist abetter Lynne Stewart's defense was funded in no small part by liberal financier and Democrat kingmaker George Soros.

Soros spent over $25 million of his vast fortune on the last presidential campaign. He backed Dean, then Kerry, directly. He funded numerous 527 organizations such as the Voter Fund and America Coming Together.

If the Democrats are going to make any political inroads in 2006, they are going to have to sell the people that they aren't soft on terror.

It's going be very difficult when their biggest financier is paying to defend terrorist sympathizers.

What makes this even worse for the Dems is that in 2004, Dr. Dean and the Dems made much of Bob Perry's contributions to both the Swift Boat Veterans and to George Bush as evidence that there was illegal collaboration between the Bush campaign and the SBVT.

This is a HUGE brickbat that Soros has just handed the GOP to swing at him.

And at anyone who takes his money.